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MSAccess Code Snippets

I have attached a file with the VBA code that I used to retrieve contact info and update contact info in MS Access VBA.  I created a class to isolate the routines from the rest of my code.  It uses MSXML so you will need to add that reference.



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Hi Lee,


I try to get VBA code that you use to to retrieve contact info and update contact info in MS Access, but I can't. Can you help me. I am part of small organization and we want keep sync our db-access whit cc but whiout retype the info.




Gustavo Garagorry


Hi all... I don't see how I can access the Code Snippet.  I'm brand new to this forum so I probably just need a little guidance.... Thanks in advance.

Unfortunately the original post is from our previous forum platform, which we replaced nearly 3 years ago now.  When we migrated old posts, we did not migrate attachments for technical reasons.  The attachment that post references no longer exists.

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