Need API form for signup using wordpress plug in?


Need API form for signup using wordpress plug in?

I was sent here via support. I currently have a wordpress website and use the plug in cforms to create contact forms on my site.

What I want to do is this. I want to create a simple sign up for our enewsletter, name and email only. What I want it to do is after someone signs up I want them directed to a landing page on our site rather than the one that is the default landing page when I use a form created my CC account. They told me I need to use an API for this. So where do I start and can I use it with the plugin cforms?


You'll find all the documentation on what you can do with the API here. As to whether the API is compatible with cforms or not, that is not supported by Constant Contact. You would have to test this yourself and it would depend on how cforms expects data.
Dave Berard
Senior Product Manager, Constant Contact

i am in the same boat. Please let me know, or post here, if you find a solution. And I will do the same.


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This plugin looks like it might do what you are looking for

Developer Portal

View API documentation, code samples, get your API key.

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