Need An App For Website Sign Up


Need An App For Website Sign Up

I'm a newbie and we are updating our website. I am looking for an app that can be created on our webpage for our visitors to sign up for our newsletter.

Presently we have a custom button on the website that points to a sign up page. Is there such an app? Or is there an html code that can direct our custom buttom to go directly to CC sign up forms for our CC account?


Thanks in advance, G


Hi G,


I'm not sure exactly what type of form you are looking for.  You can use the free Join My Mailing List option in your account to point the button to the free Sign Up Form with your account.  You can do this on the Contacts page, Join My Mailing List section.  


If that form does not fit your needs, what you are looking to do can also be accomplished using the API.   We offer sample forms which can be modified to link to a button, however advanced webdesign programming is required to customize these forms and implement them.  We offer PHP and C# ASP.NET examples.  You can find them here

Dave Berard
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I can provide a custom signup form for your website using PHP, please get in touch through my website.



James Benson, PHP Developer.

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