Need an API developer - ASAP

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Need an API developer - ASAP

Hi there,

I'm unsure of how to go through the marketplace, so I thought I'd go directly to the community to see if I could gauge some interest.

I need to hire someone that can develop an API for our Constant Contact database.   Quite simply, with the new CASL (Canadian Anti SPam Laws) - I  need for a way to contact every one of our 17K customers and ask them to either opt-in or unsubscribe before July 1st.  I need an api that will allow them to type in their first name, last name, email address and for it to find itself back in its database and tag them so that they've opted in.  THose that don't wish to subscribe will be taken off. And those that do not answer will be kept in a 'holding' place where we can re-send the email later.


1 - If anyone is interested, please contact me at

2 - Where can I post this so that this can be seen by the right people that also understand Constant Contact?


Thank you!

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Re: Need an API developer - ASAP

Hi Denise,


I wanted to follow-up as I hadn't seen any updates on this thread thus far. If you have not yet found a developer that can assist you, you can also check our Marketplace directory for companies that offer Software Development services here.


Best Regards,

Elijah G.
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