No free connections - API log error

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No free connections - API log error

Good morning.
We are using an API to create contacts and schedule email campaigns. The past few days the API's have been failing.
Our logs are showing these errors:

[2012-11-02 18:45:00,771] [DEBUG] [org.apache.http.impl.conn.tsccm.ConnPoolByRoute] [No free connections [HttpRoute[{s}->]][null]]
[2012-11-02 18:45:00,771] [DEBUG] [org.apache.http.impl.conn.tsccm.ConnPoolByRoute] [Available capacity: 0 out of 2 [HttpRoute[{s}->]][null]]
[2012-11-02 18:45:00,771] [DEBUG] [org.apache.http.impl.conn.tsccm.ConnPoolByRoute] [Need to wait for connection [HttpRoute[{s}->]][null]]
[2012-11-06 09:33:31,006] [DEBUG] [org.quartz.utils.UpdateChecker] [Checking for update...]
[2012-11-06 09:36:40,004] [DEBUG] [org.quartz.utils.UpdateChecker] [Update check failed: Connection timed out]


We have recycled our server but still not working. Is there anyway you could kill/restart our connections on your side? or provide any assistance as to why we are getting this error.






We close HTTP connections on our side after a fairly brief period, so the connections that your server is maintaining are not likely to us.  Your HTTP connections need to be closed, so you'd need to go through the files (code) on your end to see where HTTP connections aren't being closed (usually this just looks like "foo.close()" in code, but you would be looking for a connection that is opened ("") but never closed in your code.


Based on what you provided, you have 2 HTTP ports to connect through, but both are being used.  Sorry there's no universal way I know of to close HTTP connections--that would depend on what your server configuration is and your code.  


Best Regards,

Shannon W.

API Support Specialist

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