Not All Events are getting retrieved using API


Not All Events are getting retrieved using API



We are using events APIs to get all active events on constant contact. The get_events() function seems to be working as it does return list of events but not all the vents are getting reflected in the response received. Like following 2 events are there on my All Events page in Contact Contact but when I retrieve events using API these are not getting displayed:



1) Title : O5E Arrest Authority 12/11 - 12/12 - $50

     Filename: O5E 12/11 - 12/12

     Type: Class/Workshop

     Description: DCJS required course for armed security registration.

     Start Date: 12/11/2013        End Date: 12/12/2013


2) Title : O7E Entry Level Firearms (Handgun) 12/13 to 12/15 Range 12/16 - $225

     Filename: O7E 12/13-12/15

     Type: Class/Workshop

     Description: Three-day, entry level, firearms training course.

     Start Date: 12/13/2013        End Date: 12/15/2013


 We tried printing the whole campaigns array but it does not contain the above 2 events. There are few more which are not getting reflected. Please help.






Thanks for posting in the forums.  What you are experiencing definitely looks like it could be some issue on our end.  Would you PM me some more details of what is going on.  Contents of the response body that omitted the two events or the account/ token the endpoint was called on would be helpful.  Thanks.




Andrew B.

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