Not able generate api and consumer secret keys ?


Not able generate api and consumer secret keys ?

Hello there,


Can anyone help to generate consumer and api keys here ? I am not able to generate keys to use in my application. 


URL which I used to create API keys:


Please help me here ?



Thiru !


Hi Thiru,


The process for creating API keys has changed so that all new API keys used are V2 API keys. In addition to this change, we have enabled V2 API keys for use with any V1 applications, as well as new V2 applications. In order to generate a new API key, you can follow the steps here:


As an additional note, I would strongly reccommend transitioning to using our V2 API for new development, as we are planning long-term to deprecate our V1 API and transition to V2 in order to support new features within our products.


Best Regards,

Elijah G.
API Support Engineer
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