PHP Custom Field Upload and Display via API 2


PHP Custom Field Upload and Display via API 2


I am using PHP and the API V2 to upload contacts to a list and then create an email/campaign to send to that list.  Everything is working except the custom fields.  When I upload my test contact I want to have 2 custom fields - this seems to work and when I view the contact on the cc site I see the following:


Custom Field 1: 14.95
Custom Field 2: 15/02/2014

when I preview the email, the xhtml code refers to the fields in the following block:


...  <Property name="Subscriber.CustomText1" /> GBP will be deducted from your account on <Property name="Subscriber.CustomText2" /> ...


I believe the contact field names and the email code snippet above match what is described in the 'Advanced Editor User's Guide' but am I missing something?


On a side note - when I delete my test contacts they appear gone from the system - but if I re-add the contact via the API with no extra custom fields - the old custom fields associated with the deleted instance re-appear - it's as if instead of adding new, the old version is restored and updated.


Thanks for the help!


Hi Jeff,


Thanks for your patience on this.  Are you sending out LIVE emails to a subscriber that has custom fields assigned to it when you test?  Sending a test version (or sending a version to someone without custom fields) of the email doesn't populate custom fields correctly.


On your side note, yes, every account 'remembers' every contact that was ever in it, and updates contacts with new information as opposed to adding the contact from scratch when you re-import an address that has already been in the account.  If you're using the API and looking to remove old information, you would need to make sure the json you're sending includes a null value/empty string for the value you want to erase.


Best Regards,

Shannon Wallace

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