PHP Sample Code returning empty list - any ideas?


PHP Sample Code returning empty list - any ideas?

I'm building a custom sign-up form using the example PHP script and having trouble with all calls to CC

I am signed up as a business partner and using my API with the login information for an account I manage

what I am running into is that all calls to CC server are returning blank,

I am running on a server with PHP 5.2.11 with CURL enabled

there are no errors except that any foreach loop against $parsedReturn comes up with an error, when I var dump the $return and $parsedReturn arrays they come back empty

any ideas?

example code at:

it's running on a dedicated server so I can make adjustments to PHP if necessary

Alvin Mites



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Regular Participant is dead for me.

Is PHP error reporting turned on and set to report all errors?

James Benson, PHP Developer.

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