PHP Warning Message when updating contact on lists

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PHP Warning Message when updating contact on lists

I'm testing the php sample sign up forms and just about everything looks good and is working. I'm getting a curious message at one specific point, however.


If there is a contact already in the system and they try and sign up it offers them the option to update the contact. When that page loads there are options to check off the lists they want to subscribe to. If no lists are subscribed to I can save without any errors. If lists are subscribed to, or I check off lists to subscribe to and click submit, it fires off the following warning...


Warning: curl_setopt() : CURLPROTO_FILE cannot be activated when in safe_mode or an open_basedir is set in /home/public_html/list/cc_class.php on line 446


Even with the warning, the contact still appears to be updated correctly and any changes made, including to lists, seem to be saved just fine. What can I do or change so this warning is not generated? I don't simply want to hide it (my server still generates it in the error log), I'd like to resolve it so it does not happen.


Any ideas?


It appears that this warning that you are receiving is due to the safe mode or basedir configuration options in your php.ini file. I am not able to recreate the issue with my configuration but I would advise that you make sure to turn safe mode off and unset the basedir option to see if that resolves the issue.


Considering that the script still works despite this warning, you may also choose to simply hide all warnings in the error settings. Doing so will still log the warning however the end user will not see it. Information on error setting can be found here:

Dan H

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Thanks for the suggestion Dan. I asked my host to disable openbasedir restrictions on my domain and that has solved the issue :)

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