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PHP add campaign

Trusted Contributor

Re: PHP add campaign

For those arriving at this topic in search of an example on creating campaigns via our PHP Wrapper Library, I've added an example to the examples folder in our PHP Wrapper Library that consists of a simple form for creating an email campaign.

Mark Coleman
Support Engineer
Occasional Participant

Re: PHP add campaign

For some reason, the following statement does not work (does not return).


include ('wrapper/ConstantContact.php');


Does any one have any suggestion on how to fix it?



Occasional Participant

Re: PHP add campaign

My web-site is hosted by YAHOO.

My PHP version is 4.3.11.

This is very old PHP.


What ConstantContact wrapper will work with my PHP version 4.3.11?


Where I can down load such ConstantContact wrapper?



there are three ZIP files.

Which one will work with PHP version 4.3.11?





Re: PHP add campaign

The library you're trying to use requires PHP 5.1.3 (See our README here).  For PHP 4.3, the required curl options and PHP features do not exist to support this library.  A version for PHP 4.X is available through one of our partners, but there is a fee associated with it.  You can find a 4.X version here:

Dave Berard
Senior Product Manager, Constant Contact