Parse error: syntax error, unexpected $end


Parse error: syntax error, unexpected $end

 after uploading

and mofifying the cc_class.php  

Still getting the error:

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected $end in /home1/ftpactiv/public_html/PHP_Sample_Signup_Forms/add_contact.php on line 1

Because I'm "In Trial"???

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This is nothing to do with you being in a trial, it is a PHP error you have created in the script.

This error usually means you have forgot to close something in the PHP code, usually an if statement.

Please post the code from add_contact.php here and someone should be able to spot the problem easily enough.

James Benson, PHP Developer.

Constant Contact Services:

parsererror: SyntaxError: Unexpected token <


Hi, I'm getting the same error. I have only used the fields you provided, so I'm not sure how I can even mess up the PHP?


SyntaxError: Unexpected token <

The website is currently down so I can't view the file source, but if you could send it to me as a zip file ( mstowe at ) I can take a look and see what the bug is.


Check out our developer portal:
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I'm not an expert, but I just solved this problem for myself.


I got a message saying:


parsererror: SyntaxError: Unexpected token <


It turns out having two separate tabs open on Constant Contact was creating the problem. Closed one of the tabs, leaving only one Constant Contact tab open, and was able to avoid the issue.


Hope this helps anyone out there like me! :)

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