Pass Variable To A Custom Payment Form

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Pass Variable To A Custom Payment Form



We would like to send out emails  to our Contacts with a link to a Custom PayPal Payment form. We would like to send to the Payment form the Contact Name and Contact ID from Constant Contact. Can you please help on how to do that. We already have a Constant Contact API Key.






Are you creating your emails via the API, or within a Constant Contact account?  If you are creating your emails through the website using our graphical web-based editor, we have an FAQ that describes how to add dynamic links to emails.


Essentially, you already have the contact name, so you would need to add Contact ID in a custom field in each contact's details, and then you can merge the details you want to use into your email along with other portions of the HTML code that will create the hyperlink.  


This can also be done when creating custom-coded emails (XHTML only), through our Advanced Editor in the User Interface, or through the Campaigns API.


If you have questions regarding use of the API to create your emails, I'll be happy to help, but you can get direct assistance from our Customer Support staff on how to create dynamic links (for custom emails, our second-level technical support team can call you and provide a demonstration of this in your account).



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yes, but I want to add the contact's unique id from contact contact


I want to pass that I as a query string url and then on the back-end do a call to get contacts info$ccId?api_key=$apiKey



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