Question - Help Please


Question - Help Please

Could you please kindly answer my questions.
1. Can I integrate this custom sign-up form in the client application using pure Java & JSP with your API? Do you have simple example of a custom signup form in JSP.
2. From the client application server, am I required to open any special port to communicate with the Constant Contact system and vice versa. If so, could you give me more info about the port, server name and other details. 
Your reply is greatly appreciated.

You can use any server side language that supports making HTTPS requests, Java and JSP definitely in that realm.  You can probably use our Java SDK without much change as it is a pure Java implementation (uses Maven for dependency management which may be a problem for you):


There are no special ports to open up.  Since we use standard HTTPS protocol, you will only need to support the ability to send HTTPS requests.  The default port for most services for HTTPS is 443 and this is likely already open on your servers.

Dave Berard
Senior Product Manager, Constant Contact
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Hi Dave,


Do you have ideas how I do to upload data to CC from my MS- Access DB...?


I saw something in this forum but I try tocontact that person but I get answers. I am apart a small business organizacion Venezual Business Club and we register our member in MS- Access DB and after we have to retype all data in CC. We want to do automatic this process. Plaese let me know if you can help us.


Tahnks a lot and have a wonderful weekend.


Gustavo Garagorry

Our team doesn't have any experience working directly in Access.  Since it uses VBA Com Controls for building integrations, it isn't as easy as building .NET extentions.  We have a wrapper library for using .NET, which is far simpler for building plugins for Office application and custom Windows applications. 


If you are able to import a .NET .DLL file into your MSAccess project, this would greatly speed things up for you.  Unfortunately, we don't have any resources here that are familiar with doing such development.  Will see if we can find any resources online that could help with that.

Dave Berard
Senior Product Manager, Constant Contact
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