Removing all contacts from all lists

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Removing all contacts from all lists

I will regularly (perhaps even nightly) need to remove all contacts from all lists. To do this, my preference would be simply to post:


  1. an "activityType" parameter of CLEAR_CONTACTS_FROM_LISTS and
  2. a "lists" parameter of{username}/lists

to{username}/activities. That however doesn't seem to work since the "lists" parameter (number 2 in the list above) apparently requires that a specific list be referenced by ID so the lists parameter's value would look like /ws/customer/{username}/lists/2 as an example.


I can do a GET operation on{username}/lists to get all lists and parse through that to extract each list's ID to build a batch of list IDs to be cleared, but that's certainly a more cumbersome approach than I would welcome. Is there an something closer to what I describe as my preferred approach that can be used here?


The CLEAR_CONTACTS_FROM_LISTS activity type is used only to clear the contacts from a specific list (or set of lists if you provide multiple lists parameters).  We also provide a REMOVE_CONTACTS_FROM_LISTS activity type that will remove a contact from all lists they belong in.  I'd recommend using this activity type instead and provide a list of all the Contacts you want to clear. 


Can you share a little more about what you are doing with your integration? It may be that you won't need to clear contacts from all lists or that there may be a better way to use the API to accomplish your task.  Feel free to post some information here if you're willing to share publicly or email if you want to take this offline. 

Dave Berard
Senior Product Manager, Constant Contact
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