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I am new to working with Constant contact api. I want sample code of how to add a member to an exisitng mailing list, this will be done from a web application, written in C#. 






Thanks for posting.  We have a C# wrapper, complete with examples, on our github profile.  Take a look here:

Let me know if you have any questions.




Andrew B.

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thanks Andrew. 

At the minute I am just trying to get my application to talk to the API. So I have set up a mailing iist using constant contact website, and added a member to it, and now I want to use my application to display the members in this list. I would presume I use some sort of GetContacts method within the API, but how would I know what the id of the list would be identify it and then get the members out of that list? 

Sorry for the rambling, I am trying to get to grips with how this works! 




Hi Caroline,


I'm referring you to our comprehensive API documentation resources on our developer portal


When you retrieve the details for a contact, it includes the lists that they are a member of. So, if you know the contact's email address that you added to the list, you can search on that as described here in the documentation. You will know which list that the contact is a member of. Then you can GET the Contactlist membership as described here.


Let me know if this helps you with the issue you are experiencing.

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