Searching for Contact with Custom field?


Searching for Contact with Custom field?

Is this possible?


I would like to search by CustomField3, but sending the request as:


doesn't appear to work. It returns 20 or so records (the value in CustomField3 is unique).






You can only use this type of request to search for email address and date late updated with currently (by appending parameter-value pairs for search critiera). At this time, the most economical approach if you have a large number of contacts would be to bulk export email address and the field you intend to search, retrieve the exported file, and parse that on your end to identify contacts meeting your criteria. You could then search by email address to retrieve details for those contacts. You're likely getting back multiple unrelated results because your parameter is being ignored, and our system is treating your request as a GET to list all contacts.


Additional search or sorting functionality may become available with the advent of the next version our API, which is currently still out there on the Horizon.



Mark Coleman
Support Engineer
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We would like to be able to search by more than just email or last update date? It would allow us to synch. contacts in multiple data stores.


You allow users of the web UI at Constant Contact to search that way, it should not be hard to extend the same search capability to the API.


Any idea when this feature will be available?



I will pass this feedback on for you.  That functionality will probably not be available until next year at the earliest.


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Shannon W.

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