Send Simple Email


Send Simple Email

I would like to use Constant Contact to simply generate emails from a web application, like a "Welcome" when a new user signs up. I'm assuming that emails coming from a source like constant contact will have a much lower chance of being blacklisted, making it through yahoo, etc, correct?


What are the basic steps needed using the API to send a simple email message to a contact in my contact list?



I can definitely help you work with our API to create an integration that sends emails to contacts through our site.  However, are you looking to send emails to one contact at a time, or in bulk?

Our system is designed for bulk email, so the way it works is that you would add contacts to lists by making HTTPS post calls to the contacts URI with correct contact XML.  You can read more about this here.  Once contacts have been added to the account, a welcome email will be sent out if the XML states that the opt in method was by the contact.

Once you have the contacts in the system, in order to send an email, you would need to create an email, which can also be done by the API.  You can learn more about creating XHTML and HTML emails through the API here.  You would need to assign the email to a list.  Everyone on the list will receive the email once it has been scheduled and sent.

Now that you have the email and the contact correctly in the account, the next step would be scheduling the email.  Currently you need to contact our AppConnect team to gain access to the scheduling API.  You can email them here requesting this information.

If you are trying to send single emails, you would need to have the contact in a list by themselves.

If you have any questions please let me know.


Benjamin Soder
NOC Analyst
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