Sending Email Lists to Constant Contact


Sending Email Lists to Constant Contact

Before getting to the API realm, I am trying to findout if there is an easy way to format a csv/exce/xml file to your specifications and upload it to an ftp site or something similar? (Much like the manual process of creating a file and uploading it within your website)

Our software is already capable of creating and exporting/uploading files in an automated fashion and this would make our integration with Constant Contact quite easy.

If this is not possible, can you please direct me on how to start this project through the API? Any advice will be much appreciated.



We currently do not have a way to send a spreadsheet to an FTP site. The current ways to get a csv/xls/xlsx file into our system is to do it through the user interface, or to do it using our API's.

Using the Bulk Activities API, you can do a ultipart/form-data request to upload the file. The limit of contacts is the same as our user interface limit, 20,000 contacts per file.

If you have any specific questions regarding this, please let me know.


Benjamin Soder
NOC Analyst
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