Sending customized e-mail based on Access database


Sending customized e-mail based on Access database

I've been searching around for a while, but I can't find if this is possible.  I'm looking to use the API to allow me to send customized e-mails to my Constant Contact list.


I have been a Constant Contact user for a few years, but I am looking to basically open a new account and use it as a rewards program.


I will be storing the customer information in an Access database, and would then like to be able to send custom e-mails based on that data.  For example, I would like to include "You have 30 Rewards points available", or send individualized offers based on purchase history - all data that would come out of the Access database.


Is this something that is possible?




The API doesn't allows you to access functions in your Constant Contact account directly from your programs, but doesn't add any new functionality to the account. So, you will still need to create lists and schedule emails to send to them, and use the same approaches you would use otherwise in a custom email to create dynamic links by updating custom fields in each contacts details.


As long as your can program the logic to sort users based on purchase history on your end, you can create lists, import contacts, create and schedule emails all through the API, although the scheduling requires special permissions.


If you're interested in Scheduling and Sending API permissions, you can email API Support to request it.

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