Sending order confirmation emails


Sending order confirmation emails


I'm wondering if Constant Contact can help me send dynamic emails from my website. If someone places an order, I need the website to be able to immediately send an order confirmation email. My website does this now, but I am finding that a lot of customers do not receive these emails. Can the Constant Contact API receive the dynamic email body and automatically send it through their email service? My customers get emails I send from my computer, but some are not getting the ones the website generates. I'm hoping that using Constant Contact will help those emails get to the customer.


Thank you.


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Hello Ernie,

Although creating dynamic emails is possible through use of our REST API, Constant Contact is designed for bulk email marketing and informational emails. It is not tailored for individual or transactional emails. Additionally, at this time we do not offer our Scheduling API to the public. This means that while you can create a contact and create your email, you will not be able to schedule it to be sent using our API without having someone log in to our website to schedule them.

Andrew T

Support Engineer, Constant Contact

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