Setup a sync from Mysql Joomla users DB to contstant contact account? POSSIBLE??

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Setup a sync from Mysql Joomla users DB to contstant contact account? POSSIBLE??


i am a joomla developer and have no idea how the api works... but i have a very simple question.

we have new users register to our website on daily basis and we want to make sure they get updated in constant contact account as well. Now, till today we have been doing this manually but i was just curious if this is something possible at the movement???




Hello Chetan,

It is possible to use our API’s with Joomla. There is a 3rd party Sign Up form that was created to allow people to opt in from a joomla website. You can find it here.

When using this extension for Joomla, you are required to enter your Constant Contact user ID. You can find the user ID by following the FAQ found here.

You can also use the Joomla and Community Builder Integration which allows you to use our API's to create a exactly what you are looking for and customize it however you would like.

If you have any further questions please let me know.


Benjamin Soder
NOC Analyst
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thanks for the info so far... well, the module link you gave is just emebed the subscribe box into joomla which can be easily done by custom html code.

Second extension was a little interesting, but that one is also for community builder (community builder is a social networking component) here we are looking for some for virtuemart (virtuemart is an ecommerce component).

Thanks so far for everything.

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