Sync-ing when user updates through CC link


Sync-ing when user updates through CC link

CC Newbie here - with what I hope is a simple question:


I have downloaded the API wrapper, and understand (at least the logic of) updating the CC database when a member updates their information on my end. (Haven't implemented it yet, but it seems pretty straightforward.)


My question is: When a user updates her CC profile (using the link at the bottom of emails), how will I know that has happened, so that I can sync with my database? OR, in other words: Is there a trigger on the CC end I can set to point to a page on my site that will update my database automatically?







At this time we do not have a trigger that will alert you that someone has updated their information on our end.  I would suggest having a method where you can update your contacts periodically.


I will submit feedback to our engineers that it would be a good idea to have functionality where you could have this information pushed to you.


If you have any questions please let me know.



Benjamin Soder
NOC Analyst
Constant Contact

Thanks for the quick reply!


I assume that there is a function in the wrapper where I can check for updates on CC (within a certain time frame) before I initiate updates from my end?

Is there an update to this question? In other words, can this be accomplished yet?

To get contacts that have been updated since a certain timeframe via the API you can use the modified_since parameter.

You can try this out using our interactive API Tester/ Debugger: (under Get Contacts).

As for having a trigger or webhook that sends a call to your server when a contact has been updated this is not something we have currently available, but something we are looking at implementing down the road (we are planning on some really great features down the road).

Hopefully this helps in the meantime!


Check out our developer portal:

Also check out docs for this, see the Syncing Contacts section here;  and the endpoint doc here.


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