Token for opt-in form through Bloom plug in

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Token for opt-in form through Bloom plug in


I am trying to make an opt-in form on a wordpress website using Bloom plug in.  The plug in asked me for an API key which it found by itself, and a token which is a blank field right now.  I know nothing about tokens, and to be honest, don't know all that much about making websites in wordpress either, since this is my first.  Can someone help me figure out how to attain a token?






You will need to go to this website.


Go through steps 1 through 3. On step 2 the application name is the name of the plugin you are using. Step 3 gives you the access token. This information should be considered private and similar to a password for your account, so be careful where you post that information.


If you have questions feel free to reply here and I'll be happy to assist.

Jimmy D.
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Great!  I got my token.  Thanks for your help.


BTW:  What is the "private" code used for?

Hello Dave,


The Private code is used during the OAuth 2.0 flow when obtaining an access token for a Constant Contact account. See here for more details:

David B.
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Hi Dave and/or support team,


What specifically should I enter for the callback url?

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