URL or form for visitors to edit their accounts

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URL or form for visitors to edit their accounts

On our mailing list signup pages, I would like to include a separate form with a field that subscribers can fill in if they want to update their mailing list information.  (We collect street address and phone information in addition to the email address.)


Is there any type of existing form I could put onto our page where a visitor could enter their email address and receive an email with the account update instructions?  (It would work similar to the "Update Profile/Email Address" link in the CC emails.)  I figured something like this may already exist, but wanted to ask as I haven't found it anywhere on the support site here yet.




-= Rudy =-


Hello Rudy,

I would like to help you with putting an update profile form on your website.  There are a few ways to update a contact by using a web form on your site.  The best way to do this though, if you want them to get the Update Profile Email, you would want to use the Join My Mailing List Form.  This form will see that the email address already exists, and will prompt the contact to receive an update profile email.  You can generate the HTML for this form by going into your account and clicking on the Contacts tab, and then clicking on Join My Mailing list right below the tab.  The first step on that page will be to generate the HTML code for the form.

The other method of doing this would be to use our API and make a custom form that utilizes a server side scripting language on your side.  If you are interested in doing this on your end, you would not be able to use the Update Profile Email, so you would probably want to have some mechanism on your end where you verify that the person who is putting in the address is the correct person.  If you are interested in using our API's to create this form, I would suggest going here to find out more about updating a contact with our API's.  You can also find sample code here in various languages which have samples on updating contacts using the API.

If you have any questions about this please let me know.

Benjamin Soder
NOC Analyst
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