Unsubscribe from one list removes user from all lists

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Unsubscribe from one list removes user from all lists


I am using a Drupal module (http://drupal.org/project/constant_contact) to manage users in Constant Contact, and noticed that if I unsubscribe someone from one list, their name is removed from all lists. Is this standard behaviour using the Site Visitor API? The module passes the list name to the unsubscribe function correctly, but it seems to be ignored on the Constant Contact side of things.

I realize the Restful APIs are better, but I don't really have time to rewrite the module to use them. However, if this will allow removal of the user from a single list instead of all lists, then I guess I'll have to.

By the way, your site says that the support for development using legacy APIs will be withdrawn, but will the APIs still function indefinitely?



Hi Dave,

That Drupal project is not maintained or supported directly by Constant Contact, so I can't really provide much feedback on if this is functioning correctly. What I could suggest as a workaround is to unsubscribe the customer and then add them back in to the correct lists, it will take two steps to do the one goal but you will not have to write any additional code to use the REST API.

Regarding the legacy APIs, information regarding their future will be made to developers when we have more to provide. Our current plans are as stated, to withdraw support for developers in the future with no exact date decided yet.
Dave Berard
Senior Product Manager, Constant Contact
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Dave, thanks for the info. I like the two step idea - hadn't actually thought of doing it like that. I realize the module isn't supported by CC, but I was really asking whether the legacy APIs could specifically target a single list from many. I did some more digging around and found the legacy API PDF file you have on your site, and it states the following for the UsubscribeSiteVisitor function: "Use this API to unsubscribe/permanently remove a site visitor from all contact lists." I guess that answers my question with a "yes, it removes a user from all lists". Just below this section are the required parameters and the list is not one of them. Therefore, I can assume that means that the list is not selectable.

Anyway, I'll go ahead and add in some extra processing to do the two step re-registration of a user.

Thanks again,

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