Using CCSFG to add / update a contact

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Using CCSFG to add / update a contact

Is it possible to use the CCSFG to collect the contact's information and if he exists in the mailing list, update the information, or if he does not exist, add him to the list in a single step, i.e. transparant to the customer?

(I can add an new contact, but I get an error message if he already exists in the mailing list.)


At this time the CCSFG utility can be used to sign up new contacts, but does not update existing contacts. This is why you are receiving an error message telling you that the contact already exists. I have passed this feedback on to the developers of this utility. This functionality is something we are looking to add to the CCSFG, although I cannot provide an ETA of when that will be. We will certainly post on these forums when those changes have been implemented.

David J

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