Using Php wrapper


Using Php wrapper

I need some help in using the PhpWrapper class, mainly the Contact and the ContactsCollection class.

I have a contact list called "Xyz", which I created manually.

Now, using the Php wrapper class, I want to add an email address to that list.


I need to know:

a) Which ones are the mandatory fields?

b) What does $contact->serLink() do?

c) What about $contacts->setLists()




Could you please direct me to a sample code which uses the ctctWrapper/ctctWrapper.php . Using the Php form example is no good, and no offense, please don't direct me to the API documentation.






Hey Anurag,


This would be an example of adding a contact to your account with comments to explain how each part functions.



// Include the header at the top 

// Connect to the Contacts URI
$data = new ContactsCollection();

// Create a new Contact Object
$contact = new Contact();

// This Contact's email address is...

// This Contact will belong to this list - Replace where {username} is with your username
// Also remember to set listID to list number such as 1, which is typically your general interest
$contact->setLists("{username}/lists/{listID}"); // create the contact with the paremeters of the previous information $contacts = $data->createContact($contact); // You can print the data to see if there is an error anywhere in your submission // will print out a 400 if there is an error and a 200 if it is successful
// print_r($contacts);

// will print out your XML that will be submitted. Only the entry's you provide will be listed
// print_r($contact); ?>

 Please let me know this helps.



Ryan Davis
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How would I go about adding the contacts name etc.?  Where can I find this information in an easily digestible format?



Our new PHP wrapper can be found here and has a folder with examples, specifically Adding Contacts.

After creating the object, you would assign it a "firstName".


$myContact = new Contact();
$myContact->firstName = "My First Name";


If you need assistance with this wrapper, please let us know specifically what issues you are having and we'll work with you towards a solution.



Andrew Weber
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