Using a simple HTML form to add a contact


Using a simple HTML form to add a contact


I am using a piece of software call InstantSlideUp which takes a simple signup form and pops in from the side of the webpage.  I just need to feed it the code.  Attached is a text file of the very simple form that I usually use.  However, this form sends the user to the "join my mailing list" form and asks for more information (name, which list to join, etc).

What I want is a form that is as simple as possible and grabs only the email and then when the user hits submit, it gets added to the database.  Simple as that.  Is there some simple code that I can use to accomplish this?  Basically I just need a single text box that captures the email, and then when the user clicks submit it goes directly into my Constant Contact database.

Thanks for your help!



Unfortunately our Join My Mailing List form does not have this one-step functionality that you are looking for at this time, though this is something we are looking to improve upon. If you're looking for the user to simply click submit and have that be the end of the process, the easiest way to accomplish that at this time would be to use our Constant Contact Signup Form Generator (CCSFG). This it a utility that will create HTML forms that will deposit any contact details you choose into your account without having to visit a second page to add extra information and select a contact list to join.


If you have any questions regarding the CCSFG or our API , please let us know. Thanks.

David J

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