Using the Constant Contact Ruby gem to add a contact


Using the Constant Contact Ruby gem to add a contact



I'm attempting to use the Constant Contact gem (here ) to add a contact. However, I can't find anything that tells me how to go about doing this. I've tried looking through the gem itself, and attempting various methods to no avail. I have the gem setup in my app, I have an API key, and I can successfully get a list of contacts, but that functionality is completely useless to me. When I try to use the same object with the add_contact method (i.e. cc.add_contact(token, @contact, true)), I get a 400 Bad Request error. Is there anything posted anywhere that details simply how to add a contact? Such information would be greatly appreciated!






Thanks for posting.  Have you had a look at the example?  Inside the SDK is a small ruby app that makes a PUT or POST of a contact to a selected list.  It's located here:


The methods I'm referring to are in myapp.rb on lines 145 and 147.  I'm not sure if the gem had a method with three arguments for the add, the one in the example has only two.  I hope this helps.




Andrew B.

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Hi Andrew,


Thanks for the reply. I've been trying to use the same method as the one in the code posted. When I was looking at the code in the gem, the third parameter in the method is optional. It's for initiated by user, but in any case, I get the same result with and without the third parameter. This is what I'm trying:



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