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V3 - Starter .NET Project

V3 - Starter .NET Project

I have used V2 in the past and I am looking to see if V3 has a starter project, like V2 has on GitHub? Also does V3 now support tags, which V2 didn't?

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Re: V3 - Starter .NET Project


Thank you for reaching out to Constant Contact API Developer Support.

Unfortunately we do not have any SDK libraries for our new V3 API at this time. Right now all of our focus is on finishing additional endpoints to expand on the feature set of the V3 API. You can find our complete V3 API documentation at and the API Reference section will have all of the necessary schemas you can expect. You can make calls to our API in .NET using something like HttpClient with the information showing in our documentation.

Please let me know if you have any other questions!

David Bornstein
Tier II API Support Engineer

Occasional Advisor

Re: V3 - Starter .NET Project

Constant Contact -- you really need a .net library for this.  For many of us, OAuth is insanely confusing and seems like a really odd choice for an API that is mostly used for internal tools (like uploading lists to Contact Contact) rather than a user-facing system.  It's great for Facebook but weird and unnecessarily complex for making IT-class apps.  For example, we use .net and we simply want a way to create lists and then bulk-add from CSV files.  Easy, right?  Is it possible to get a .net example, soup to nuts, for something like this where the app we're making an NOT a web app but simply a desktop app (WinForms or even Console is fine).  It needs to clearly show, just using native .net objects, how to authenticate (including getting an activation code) then calling the Create List and then Bulk Upload calls.  This really should be just a few lines of code.