Verifying the email address through API with C#

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Verifying the email address through API with C#




Long ago ask this, today will already have  a solution using the API or other means?


Is there any way of verifying the email address through API C# .net . I mean adding the email address to be verified in ConstantContact using API. So that an email will be sent to the contact to verify his email address.


for example:


EmailAddress dataEA = new EmailAddress(new_email);

constantContact.addEmailaddress(dataEA);   //send confirmation email


then; the function constantContact.GetVerifiedEmailAddress() return:


new_email   and   status





We have added this functionality to the API (see documentation:  Going to have the API support team check the .NET Wrapper to see if this has already been added. 

Dave Berard
Senior Product Manager, Constant Contact
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