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Welcome eMails tailored to specific lists

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Re: Welcome eMails tailored to specific lists

OK, So...

This is what i did now (and seems to be working.) I previously had a reference to the DLL in your wrapper (downloaded from GitHub).


By the way, all i had was a simple empty mvc3 project with a Home controller and an Index action. All my code was in that action. very simple and straight forward.


Now, I deleted my references and added manually the two projects from your solutions CCBO and CCUtility. I went inside your code all the way down to the webrequest keeping an eye on the data (even after converted to byte array), then got trasmited to your api, and seems to be perfect. I didn't get an email and it's showing Added By Owner in my Contacts (inside Constant Contact website).


It's working. BUT i still don't know what could've happened. Maybe you should try and see why this is happening. You can sort of follow my steps and see if you have the same results.


1. Create a solution with a simple MVC3 application project.

2. Download your wrapper from GitHub and unzip it to a folder

3. Add a reference in the MVC project to your DLLs (output folder / Release)

4. Run your MVC app


You should get the unexpected result. ActionByContact.


5. Delete your references.

6. Add those two projects in Development folder (from your download) to your MVC solution.

7. Run it.

Should be good to go.


My only concern is, since i don't know the true cause of this failure, will this work properly from now on?


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Re: Welcome eMails tailored to specific lists



Is it possible to eliminate the option of receiving a welcome email after suscribing to a list through facebook?


Given that it's not possible to make an email per list?


Thank you,


Isabel Borjas

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Re: Welcome eMails tailored to specific lists

Hi Isabel,


With Constant Contact's Facebook JMML application, we will always send a welcome email to any new contacts that sign up to receive email from you. This is done to ensure that the people who are signing up are aware that they have been added to a mailing list and cannot be disabled at this time.


Best Regards,

Elijah G.
API Support Engineer
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Re: Welcome eMails tailored to specific lists

So are you saying we cannot create a different confirmation email that goes out to a specific list once someone signs up? MailChimp allows you to do this, I just don't get why you all don't. Am I reading this wrong?


Re: Welcome eMails tailored to specific lists



Thank you for reaching out to the API Support team here at Constant Contact.


This community post is a bit outdated. We released our new welcome emails in 2015. You can now create multiple welcome mails within your account; you can even schedule each of them to go to a different list.


See this link for step by step instructions on how to create one:


Please let me know if you have any other questions!


David B.
API Support Specialist

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