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I'm hoping that adding through the API with ACTION_BY_CONTACT will cause the Welcome email to be sent.  Getting different answers.  Thanks.


Hi Chris,


They will recieve a welcome email as long as they are being sent to a list that is set up for Join my mailing list.  I actually tested this in my own account yesterday with no issues.


Please let me know if this helps.

Ryan Davis
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Awesome.  How is "Join my mailing list." set?  thanks much.

Hey Chris,


Inside of the account you can go to contacts and click on list properties and it will have options for auto responder and join my mailing list. Check off the boxes for your list and you are all set.



Ryan Davis
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I just added myself to a list with Join My Mailing List Form and Autoresponder deselected and still got a welcome message.  The action-by setting is "ACTION_BY_CUSTOMER".  My understanding is that using this setting, that welcome messages would not be sent.


I need to move some existing users into a new list using the API and do not want them to get a welcome message sent via email.  



The Welcome Email is trigged by the OptInSource field for the Contact XML used to create the contact.  It is only sent when a Contact is created.  If they are being added back to the account from the DoNotMail list, they would instead receive an Update Profile email to confirm that they do indeed want to be added back.


To trigger the Welcome Email, the following XML should be used:




To suppress the Welcome Email, the following XML should be used:




If you are seeing behavior different than this, you should post the XML you're using for the request here so we can look at what you're doing and try to replicate internally.  I have confirmed using test addresses internally that this is working for me so there does not appear to be any problems with the API.

Dave Berard
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I need to be able to create 2nd and 3rd welcome email for diffrent forms.. is this possible ? when is this goig to be added?



Currently it is only possible to have one automated welcome email per Constant Contact account. While we do have plans to update the welcome email system in the future, it is not yet clear if those plans will inlcude a way to create multiple welcome emails and segment them based on lists.


I have gone ahead and added feedback to our development team on your behalf to have this feature included when we update.



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