Where to get sample code for get event?


Where to get sample code for get event?


i need sample code for getting events

is there any available?

please reply ASAP


The events collection operates like any of our other collections would. A GET to /events would return a paginated response of 50 'events', and detailed information on any particular event is available from the <link> node (ie:  <atom:link rel="edit" href="/ws/customers/joesflowers/events/a07e305xbgz787dce53"/>.


As far as code samples go, this functionality is built into the PHP Wrapper Library provided at our Code Samples page but is currently not built into the ColdFusion Library at this time. If you can provide us with more details on your specific needs (What language are you using? What information are you looking for? What is your use case scenario?) we may be able to provide more helpful information on this.

David J

Hi, good morning


I'm taking my first steps on this API and at this point I was able to work with lists and contacts and now I would like to do the same with events. My needs are to be able to read/create & edit simple events with free registration (not willing to deal with payment types for now). I'm coding in C#. Of course some actions of my interest are also performing registration of some contacts into these events.


Hope that you could share any sample code or link where I could find something similar to what I require.


Thanks in advance, regards

Oscar R

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