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Hi, guys. I don't know how you stil work. I'm will explane. I can't use any your function successfuly. Api doesn't have many useful features. And api work is very bad. Example: after deleting client from list. When i try create user again I got error "http.status.email_address.conflict".

Hello @user87649,


Thank you for reaching out to Constant Contact's API Support.


You didn't specify which version of the API you are using; however in both versions we list our error code of 409 http.status.email_address.conflict. This error occurs when you attempt a POST on an email address that already exists in the account.


Based on your description you should be getting this error as you are trying to create a user with an email address that you already added to the account and deleted. Our system does not do a hard delete. You should be doing a GET on the email address first to see if the email address exists in the account first. If it does not exist then you can do a POST to create the contact. If it does exist then do a PUT to update the contact.


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Jimmy D.
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