I am the tech director of and all I want to is work out how to integrate CC with our CMS. I seem to have registered 25 times and need tokens, acces keys....blah blah...... When I try and get a token to test the APIs it trys and make me register for the tenth time. What the hell do I do so I can quickly and easy test the API!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!





by Paul


Hi Paul,


I think you might be missing the link that says 'I Already Have an Account' at the bottom of one of the pages.  Is this the page you're getting stuck on?


It sounds like you already ave your API Key from Mashery, so you need to paste it into the IO Docs page, click "Get Access Token", and then click I already have an account at this page.  Then it'll ask you for your Constant Contact login, have you grant access, and then show your token.


The 3 steps to take to get your API Key and access token are listed on this page; you probably have been here, but I can understand how you'd get stuck in a loop if you didn't see that link at the bottom of the page.


Best Regards,

Shannon W.

API Support Specialist

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