changing status of contacts from list (contact id??)

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changing status of contacts from list (contact id??)


This is in regards to removing contacts from a specific list.  Please excuse any ignorance I may display as I am fairly new with Constant Contact and especially with its REST API's.


According to

under Updating a Contact->Adding or Removing a Contact from a List:

There is an XML example I should use to update contacts.

I have trouble finding the contact ID as specified here:

<Contact xmlns="" id="">


What does "101" represent?  Assuming it is the ID number of an individual contact, how I would know what/who it is?  I only know the unique email address and the contact name.

I had to "guess" what the list id was and finding the individual contact id has been painful. 

Any feedback is greatly appreciated



The best way to get the contact ID is to query the contacts collection.  You can do this by simply adding a search query to a GET request on the Contacts Collection like this:


This will return XML that will either have a contact's ID and basic information or a XML document reflecting that no one was found.  Regarding list IDs, you can run a GET on the lists collection to get the IDs of every list in your account.  The URI for that GET is:



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