convert form into ajax form


convert form into ajax form

Hi guys,

I need to convert our existing sign up form into an ajax post so that the user doesnt leave our site. Our form is very simple and just asks for the users email address. Currently the form works and then takes the user to a constantcontact page asking them if they want to receive email in html or text. Then the user gets added to the list.


I looked at the api and have a few questions:

1) Would I need to combine the email and 'email in html/text' field into the first form?

2) Do I need to specify a list to add the user to even if we only have one list?


Any help or code examples are much appreciated




This is definitely possible with our API's. To answer your questions, you would need to specify a list, even if it is the only list in your account. The option to specify if the customer wants to receive their email in HTML or text is an optional field. If you do not add it in, it defaults to HTML.

If you have any questions with creating this please let me know. I would also suggest checking out our code samples, as they may help. If you are looking for something automated that still uses our API's so that you do not have to leave your site; I would suggest using the Constant Contact Signup form generator.

If you have any questions please let me know.


Benjamin Soder
NOC Analyst
Constant Contact
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