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create a contact in JAVA

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create a contact in JAVA

Does anyone have an working example of creating a contact in JSP.


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A Java library can be found at

Andrew T

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I don't know the format for the contact list. the example list  "/ws/customers/huanlai/lists/1" as a contact list.

I have a user name of gtester and my contact list in constant contact is glist.

How would my contact list string be constructioned? based on the what I have above?




As far as XML is concerned, a contact list is represented as...


     <ContactList id=""></ContactList>

     <ContactList id=""></ContactList>

     <ContactList id=""></ContactList>

     <ContactList id=""></ContactList>



If an application had '' stored as another variable and concatenated it with what you have listed above ("/ws/customers/hauanlai/lists/1") this would work correctly.

David J

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