displaying campaigns on our website


displaying campaigns on our website

I'm attempting to get links to all our campaigns displaying on our website for our users to view. I've been going through the examples and have been attempting to use the getCampaigns function. I need to just grab a list of our public campaigns without going through the authentication, is this possible? Is there an easier way to accomplish this I should look into? 



If you are looking to grab links for the campaigns displaying on your website this is not something that can be done through the API. The reason this is not possible is because, when using the API to Get Campaigns, it will only return the name of the campaigns and cannot provide any links to them. Also if you are trying to use the API you do have to authenticate in order to have access to it.

Using the Archive Homepage in our Email Archive product would be the best way to accomplish this as it is designed for this functionality. Currently there is no API access to the Archive.

I hope this helps but if you have more questions please let me know.

Erin Bossard
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