how do i post the email content via API


how do i post the email content via API



I have checked out the method within the API and there is nothing that indicates I can post the html content via API.

Is that possible? if so, by which method?

thank you




In order to send email content through our API, it needs to be created as a campaign. Once you have a campaign with your content, you can assign it to one or more contact lists and schedule it to be sent. You can read about creating campaigns here:


While it is not a required field to create a campaign, you will need to assign lists using the "sent_to_contact_lists" property of the campaign. You can find the definition for that here:


Once you've got your campaign created and lists assigned, the nest step is to scheduled the campaign, and you can find the docs for that here:


Lastly, if you have any questions about the docs, please let me know!



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