how to schedule and send emails through API


how to schedule and send emails through API

Hello ,

        I am new to APIs.

        I had used our API for creating and managing contacts and campaigns, but i do not find any chance to send or schedule the email please help me regarding this ASAP.



Easwar A


At this time we do not offer a Scheduling API.  If we do open our Scheduling API to the public we will send that information out in our Developer Newsletter and put the documentation up on this website.


With that being said, you can create an email using our API, but to either send or schedule that email someone must login to our website at and manually do that process.



David J


So, it is not possible for me to use the api to send a user list to my constant contact account and have it dynamically send an email to those specified users from a pre-defined template?


That is correct. You can use our API to create a list of users in your Constant Contact account as well as creating an email that is set to be delivered to that exact list. The only part of the process that is not able to be done through the API at this time would be scheduling the actual email. Someone would need to log in to the account and schedule for the email to be sent.

David J

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Since this thread is from 2010, I just want to make sure that this is still true.


I've the same sitiation as the earlier user.


In a nutshell below is my requirement

I've a resultset that has customer information (names, email addresses and transaction details). The resultset will be refreshed every 15 minutes with the transactions happened in the past 15 minutes.
For every 15 minutes or after the refresh, I want to send a customized email notification to the customer about his transaction.

It is not an regular email campaign or a marketing email where I can build a contact list and send email. The contact list will vary every 15 minutes.
The email notification is something like an activity alert to the customer about their transaction.

Is this possible? If so, can you suggest any documentation that explains this.


Please let me know.





I have a requirement something very similar.

I need to create a confirmation email for users who unsubscribed for a newsletter by clicking Unsubscribe link from the email which will take them on constant contact "Please confirm unsubscribe" page.


Is there a way I can setup a confirmation email for the user when he confirms his unsubscription?


Please let me know.






At this time I am not aware of any functionality in Constant Contact which would add this second step required to confirm an unsubscribe.


The current Constant Contact flow asks for a single confirmation when the user click on the unsubscribe link and does not have an option to send a confirmation email. I am also not aware of any plans to implement this option in the near future.


If you have any questions or if we can provide any more information, please let us know!



Elijah G.
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 OH MY GOD, does that ever defeat the purpose!!!

Here is this api, we know you have a newsletter that needs to be sent out every Monday morning, 9am sharp.  Go ahead, automate the campaign creation, load in your list, get it all ready to go.  But don't you dare forget to login and click the send button!

Seriously guys, how hard is it to add this -- we all want to be able to automate the entire process, automating 95% of it achieves nothing.


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 Can I get an ETA on this functionality?  We just started with you, but i'm wondering if we should switch to StreamSend or one of your many competitors that already have it.


Sorry for the frustation you're having here.  We do offer a Scheduling API that is not publicly available.  While there are some scenarios that we know make sense, all use of this API must be approved by the AppConnect team here at Constant Contact.  We currently have no plans to make this API publicly available to everyone.


If you want to get more information on this API, please feel free to email me directly.  You can get to me using sending an email to our appconnect team

Dave Berard
Senior Product Manager, Constant Contact
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