integrating constant contact API into an existing back-end database admin panel

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integrating constant contact API into an existing back-end database admin panel

I have an existing back-end admin panel that is tied to a database of contacts and contact information. I would like to be able to pick a group of contacts using my back-end admin panel features, and then use the constant contact API to send a bulk email to the list of contacts I generated myself outside of constant contact. How would I go about doing this?


You can use the Bulk Activities API to upload a bulk list to Constant Contact.  To create a list for the send, you can use our Lists REST API.  You can also use our Campaigns REST API to create or update an email campaign to send to this list.  The schedule of said email though would require you to log into Constant Contact to do as we do not currently have a Schedule API.  

Dave Berard
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So the bulk activities API would allow me to send my pre-curated list of contacts to be added as contacts to CC, and then I would use the list API to create a list out of those contacts. Is there a way to delete this list with the API? Basically, I just want to make my own fresh list everytime myself, and then send it to CC to get emails sent. From there, once the list is made, I use the campaigns rest api to send an email to the list. is that correct? and then as i just mentioned i could remove the list through the api so i can just make another one next time i want to send the email? also, is the schedule part necessary? is there anyway to send the emails without ever having to go to CC directly? (ie, do i need to set a schedule for a campaign?)

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Your pretty much correct in everything you say, you have to visit the website to actually send the email you create using the APi, currently there is no way to send the email using the API, I'm sure this will be added at some point but no set date.

One thing I would mention is you should create the contact list before importing your contacts then you simply assign the imported contacts to the new list you create.

Also might want to look at the remove contacts from lists feature:

Another thing is once you create the contacts the first time your never going to be able to delete the contacts so would suggest you just update them the second time with a new contact list, after you have sent the email if you update all the contacts and remove them from the list it will add them to the "Removed" list meaning you can easily add them to another list the second time the script runs.

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