question about getting contacts off do not mail list


question about getting contacts off do not mail list



I am using the API with the C# wrapper library and managed to accidentally put my test e-mail address in the do not mail list.  How would I go about removing this contact (opting back in) so I can continue to test e-mail campaigns with this test contact?  It is my own e-mail address so I would be consenting to the opt-in.


Also, is there any way to permanently delete a contact from my user account via the API?  It seems like all that happens when I call the DeleteContact methods in the API is that the contact gets moved to the do not mail list, not really deleted.  This is how my test e-mail got added inadvertently to the do not mail list.


The process I am trying to implement is a weekly refresh of a list of e-mail addresses from an internal database to a contact list in constant contact.  I was thinking that it would be easiest to 1.) delete all the contacts in constant contant that were on that list and then 2.) create new contacts from our internal database and add the new contacts to the list.   Would the correct approach instead be not to delete all the contacts from constant contact but to simply compare the two lists and then add any new contacts that may have been added to the internal database to the contact list in constant contact?




Hi Yen,


First, linked is the page that explains how to opt a contact back into your account if you're using the V2 wrapper (it should be labeled as ".net sdk").  I would recommend switching to use the newer wrapper if you're fairly early in your development, since the V1 API has a limited shelf life.


You could remove the contacts in a list, as opposed to moving them all to do not mail, which is more permanent.  Then you could fill your list again with a spreadsheet.  It is less data intensive to check for changes between lists and add or remove only the contacts that should be removed from the list, but the choice is yours.


Best Regards,

Shannon W.

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