regarding integration with my CRM


regarding integration with my CRM

I am the owner and developer of TrackerGO CRM at I want customers to be able to integrate the CRM with constant contact so that they can launch a campaign using your template but sending out through my CRM transport. This would save my customers having to create their own templates but could sign up with you choose a template and then through my crm launch the campaign. Possible?




Hi Michael,


Sorry, but we don't have a way of providing the full HTML code for our email templates, through the API or otherwise.  The crux of the issue, as I see it, is that the customer wouldn't be able to choose the template through us and then have us provide the HTML code to you so that your servers could send out the email.  I am sorry for the limitation.


A similar option would be for you to use our API to put the contacts from your CRM into a new list in Constant Contact through the API, and then direct the customer to us for email creation (and sending) using our templates.  


If you wanted to keep your customers on your site the entire time, other integrators have created a new list, put contacts into it, provided the HTML code for an email, and then scheduled the email to be sent through Constant Contact (all via the API), but I'm not sure that's what you were looking for (since it sounds like the main thing you want from the integration is our templates).  Deliverability would be a big advantage if you did use us to send out the email, however.


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Shannon W.

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