v2 REST API and Sorting

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v2 REST API and Sorting

I've started using the v2 REST API. For the most part, it's awesome, and a good deal simpler to handle than the old XML one.


But there's one problem I'm not finding a simple solution to. I'm writing an integration between CC and another system. To keep things in sync, I'd like to be able to query contacts modified since a certain date.


The /contacts endpoint returns contacts is ascending order of ID. Is there any way to get it to return contacts sorted by date modified descending?




We are actively working on a modified since query parameter for the v2 API.  Thank you for the feedback, and we'll keep you posted!


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Shannon W.

API Support Specialist

I wanted to follow up on Shannon's post.  Normally we don't share release time line information due to how quickly things can change.  However, on this front, we are actively planning on launching this feature enhancement tomorrow.  Provided everything goes as planned, you should see this added by Friday afternoon EST to our documentation and API.  Thanks for the feedback, feel free to keep it coming!

Dave Berard
Senior Product Manager, Constant Contact
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