3-column template

It looks as though you have eliminated the 3-column template for newsletters. Why is it that every time you guys make "improvements" they end up being total disasters? Constant Contact is nothing more than more and more problems every time I use it. I guess I have to go elsewhere.
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I am really unhappy that you have gotten rid of most of the 2 column templates. Now I am going to have newsletters in one really long column instead of having content side-by-side.
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We would like the option of placing multiple logos or photos (which can also be individually linked) side by side in my campaigns. The social media icons are a good example of what I'm looking for. If I was able to add my own icons to the list of social media icons (instead of using the established social media icons already available) then this would accomplish my needs. Currently the new third generation editor only allows me to add up to 2 graphics/photos side by side in the various blocks. I would like the option of adding 3 or more individually link-able graphics/photos side by side. When viewed on a phone (versus a desktop) the graphics/photos would flow down instead of across. This would be a great improvement to the third generation editor. Currently our only option is to stay with the older editor, which we prefer not to do. Thanks, Nancy-jo Manney Greater Springfield Chamber of Commerce

I generally like the new editor, however, there are some features that I would like to see again from the old editor:


1) I really don't want to have to re-create the wheel. I'd like to be able to copy and paste content from another campaign into a new campaign. I see that you can copy text from old campaigns into new ones, but not a block of logos. I recently created a block with our sponsor logos and like it enough to use it again, but the editor won't allow me to copy and paste it into a NEW campaign. It appears that I need to start from scratch. Will you please fix this?


2) Additionally, there is currently not any way to place more than two logos side by side. This was possible in the old editor with the table format. I think it would be extremely helpful if we could at least use the block already set up for the social media icons, and create our own "icons", i.e. add the sponsor logos instead of the social media icons.




I am also finding it an inconvenince almost every time I use the program that I am unable to place more than 2 images side-by-side. I understand there should be some kind of limitation to keep everything on the page, but you are able to accomplish that by shrinking down the images. I would like to be able to make an entire email campaign in Constant Contact without having to use other software to merge images first.

I have been with CC since 2011 and would like photos to be clickable like Facebook has....2 square photos on top and 3 small square photos underneath. Will this ever be possible?
Occasional Participant

I'd like to be about to display text in more than two columns. I'd also like to be able to add vertical (not just horizontal) dividing lines between components. It would also be useful to be able to wrap text around an image. An option to add a caption to a photo would be great. (Instead of placing a text box beneath an image. The spacing is too wide, in my opinion, when I do this.) I'd also like to use images larger than 800 pixels wide without having the program automatically resize them.


I am yet another customer requesting the option for adding three images across or the option to add three columns. 

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Why is this new editor only set up to handle 2 columns in an email?? All of my old designs used a 3 column template and I have had to change everything since this update and you still have not added in the option to put 3 columns in an email.

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