Ability to add a contact with no email address

It will not accept a new contact without an email, even if they are not subscribed to any list. Therefore, we are forced to enter a made-up email just to save the contact. But if say for example we use noemail@email.com, it will "update" the last contact that was entered with that email with the new contact's information. Which means we just lost a contact. Not only that, we track a lot of our customers by ZIP CODE, and never email those particular contacts, so in certain circumstances, an email is unnecessary requirement.


same issue.  same requirement to add some users without email addresses.


Status changed to: Acknowledged

Thank you all so much for taking the time to explain the importance of this feature within your organizations. There are no immediate developments happening, but we are continuing to share the feedback. We will mark this as Acknowledged and continue to keep this thread updated with any movement.


We have contacts who have agreed to SMS but not email. It would be helpful to import them without having to add an email or check off implied/expressed for email permission.


I have just started using Constant Contact and discovered this flaw in the system. Our nonprofit has a handful of donors (less than 100) who do not use email. Now we must design, maintain, and remember to use a separate system to include the “no email people” when we send postal mail campaigns. 
Disallowing contacts without email addresses does not maintain “constant contact” within your database and forces users to look outside your platform for a solution. 
This is a HUGE inconvenience and creates the risk of contacts/donors/customers falling through the cracks.
There will always be a certain percentage of the population who won’t or can’t use email. This can be due to generational factors, financial limitations, lack of or shoddy internet access, or some kind of disability.
Not providing access to these contacts via your communication platform is discriminatory and Constant Contact must create a way to include people without email because they’re important and necessary to YOUR customers’ success. 
Please fix this significant problem. 


I am surprised, and a bit disappointed, that Constant Contact requires my customers to have an email address before they can "opt in" to receiving text messages from me. In my opinion, this limits the businesses that can/will use Constant Contact for SMS marketing. What does email have to do with SMS marketing? I am personally "opted in" for several businesses SMS promotions without those business having an email address on file for me. There is no legal, or ethical, requirement to get an email address before being allowed to send a person an SMS text message.

I was looking forward to running my email and SMS campaigns through a single provider. Please let me know if the policy changes.

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