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I have been using your platform for over 3 years (and  for 2 years, as well).  Over this time, I have been perplexed and sometimes frustrated by certain features that you don't have on your platform.  As I intend to keep using your platform, I would like to pass these desires on to you in hopes that you will implement them.  This feedback is based on the experiences of a 12 person communications team, not just myself.



Anyone serious is going to be exporting data at some point.  Here are some things that are missing:

  • Being able to select which fields of data get exported.  Adding any and all fields that are available when you are looking at the analytics for a single email.  C'mon, we're pros.  We want access to all of the data.
  • Separating your date/time and day of the week into two different columns.  And don't use text for the month.  You can't sort this in excel, nor is it detected as a number or a date.  It took me far longer than I would have liked to convert this to something usable.  It should look like this ( does this): 
    2/22/2018 16:37 Thursday
  • Exporting the subject line as a data field!  People want to analyze their subject lines en masse.  At least, I do.



  • I would like to be able to build segments with logic statements - based on data fields associated with the contacts - within already established lists ( does this).  Uploading a new list in order to segment emails is a hassle... and not a real segmentation feature.
  • The segmented lists you can build based on link clicks should be alphabetized in the drop-down menu when you're building the link.  They're very hard to find when they're just in a random order



Why can I not search through my backlog of campaigns?  Navigating chronologically and looking for it manually is sooooooo ridiculous.  Please add a search feature to the campaigns tab.



It would be very useful to be able to "mark" a link as an ad and collect analytics for it separate from the other email stats.  Stats from multiple emails - for the same ad - could then be collected all in one place.


Thank you for reading this feedback.  I'll be interested to see if you implement any of these changes.

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Thank you for this feedback @LexN8,


Typically we don't get this much feedback in one post-- so it took me some time to figure out what to do with your post.  Typically we'll open a specific piece of feedback for voting, but you've got a bunch of great ideas.


I'm going to close your post-- but I am going to share your feedback with our Product Team and I will follow up with you personally if we have updates on any of these features.

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